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A quality focused organization has a consistent standardized methodology in applying dimensional analysis into its manufacturing evaluation process. Having this system established, comprehended and consistently utilized creates a real differentiating and competitive factor in the marketplace; thus delivering projects efficiently with appropriate cost effective applications of dimensional control and inspection on their products. The application of GD&T is a well-defined American National Standard endorsed by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) which is utilized in various industries around the world. When GD&T is correctly applied with efficient dimensional schemes, it can control the systems fit, form and function within the assembly process.

Instruction begins with basic dimensional schemes and geometric datum structures, these topics are discussed for a common understanding of how to control variation in a statistical system. Participants will focus on the details of each GD&T symbol and control feature to understand their specific intent and application. This will allow an understanding on how dimensional schemes and geometric datum structures effectively control how parts interact with each other and fit into a completed application system. Participants will apply these tools on specific company projects and understand the application of GD&T with metrological evaluation of their manufacturing process.