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Quick Facts

Full featured PCDMIS Software

CAD Interface capable

20x20x20 XYZ Measuring Range upto 60x120x55

Good/High Accuracy

Installation and training included

Operation Manual or Fully Automatic

At Home in the LAB or the SHOP Floor

Leica Laser Tracker CMM

Large Part Measurement made easy

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT402 is a portable CMM that allows extreme precision over ultra large distances. It is able to be powered by its own internal battery and works in the most demanding environment, yet maintains the highest level of precision and the largest ever work envelope.

The complete measurement system weighs less than 15 kg (33 lbs.) including the case and it fits into the overhead compartment of most commercial airliners. 

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT402 has a unique “All in One” system design that incorporates needed accessories as built in live video, level to gravity, environmental monitoring and even an integrated IR remote control. By utilizing the integrated Wireless LAN communication, the sensor can be used completely wirelessly.

Add the Leica B-Probe to extend the capabilities of the AT402 with a point probing device capable of inspecting hidden locations out of view of a reflector.