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PCDMIS Software

Full Field of View Capable with CAD

PC-DMIS Vision reduces the time spent developing inspection programs by up to 75% and integrates CAD into the measurement process.  It has a 

sophisticated set of tools crafted to ease the job of developing, debugging and executing measurement programs to meet the unique requirements of vision metrology. 

PC-DMIS Vision links fully online, 3D CAD to virtually any vision metrology system. During program execution, the software compares the measured data to the CAD nominals in real time.  Because it works with true 3D models, PC-DMIS Vision allows you to measure 3D features on vision systems.

Interoperability - PC-DMIS Vision is part of the PC-DMIS EMS Suite of software products, sharing a common user interface and software architecture with the other EMS measurement software.  No matter what measurement machine or sensor is used, operators and programmers are always working in the same environments eliminating the need for expensive and wasteful cross training.

Quick Facts

Full featured PCDMIS Software

Full Field of View Measurement

CAD Interface capable

12x8", 16x16" XY Measuring Range

Good/High Accuracy

Installation and training included

Operation Manual or Fully Automatic

At Home in the LAB or the SHOP Floor

OPTIV Classic Series 

Manual / Semi-Fully Automatic VMM / CAD 

The Optiv Classic is your gateway into multi-sensor vision measurement. These models are the workhorses of the Optiv line, handling the majority of today's measurement applications. They are constructed with a low-vibration measuring system to allow you to tackle a wide range of measurement and inspection tasks. Classic models are small enough to be moved between locations in your facility. It's the perfect solution to the majority of your multi-sensor vision measurement tasks of small and medium size parts.

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