SNAP Video Comparator/CMM 

Manual / Fully Automatic VMM / CAD 

Large-Field-of-View, Digital Measuring Technology

QVI® SNAP™ measurement systems are designed to measure small, intricate parts right on the manufacturing floor. All SNAP systems are simple to use. With automatic part ID and AutoCorrelate, simply place a part on the SNAP and press GO. Single parts, multiple parts - even a mixture of different parts - are all measured automatically.

SNAP Features:

Generous 78 mm field of view (standard) | 100 mm field of view (optional)
Simple, one-button operation
Fully telecentric, single magnification fixed lens optics
Enables fast measurement without fixturing, regardless of part orientation

Measure X Software

Full Field of View Capable with CAD

Measure-X® (formerly known as eBx) features dual monitor support, optional touchscreen interface, and high level editing capabilities. Measure-X software provides a powerful, straightforward, and uniquely capable environment for creating and running part measurement routines.


  • CAD import
  • DRS laser support
  • Automatic probe path
  • Oversize image window for easier measurement viewing
  • Large, color coded, easily accessible icons
  • 3D feature capability for Touch Probe equipped systems
  • Large model window
  • Editable program listing
  • Interactive routine listing corresponds with model and data windows
  • Three standard user interfaces

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