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Measure X Software

Full Field of View Capable with CAD

Measure-X® (formerly known as eBx) features dual monitor support, optional touchscreen interface, and high level editing capabilities. Measure-X software provides a powerful, straightforward, and uniquely capable environment for creating and running part measurement routines.


  • CAD import
  • DRS laser support
  • Automatic probe path
  • Oversize image window for easier measurement viewing
  • Large, color coded, easily accessible icons
  • 3D feature capability for Touch Probe equipped systems
  • Large model window
  • Editable program listing
  • Interactive routine listing corresponds with model and data windows
  • Three standard user interfaces

Quick Facts

Full featured Measure X Software

Full Field of View Measurement

CAD Interface capable

8x6, 12x6 and 12x12" XY Measuring Range

Good/High Accuracy

Installation and training included

Operation Manual or Semi Automatic

At Home in the LAB or the SHOP Floor

Starlite Granite Base Series 

Manual / Semi Automatic VMM / CAD 

StarLite models 200 to 300 are precision instruments designed for easy focusing and part positioning.

StarLite systems are an excellent choice for inspection and measurement applications within the plastics, medical equipment and parts, automotive, aerospace, electronics industries and more.

StarLite Features:

  • High-resolution digital color camera
  • Precision zoom optics
  • Mechanical bearing XYZ stages
  • Magnification ranges from 35x to 535x
  • Side-mounted Z axis adjustment
  • Coarse/fine XY adjustments
  • Rock-solid granite construction