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Quick Facts

Learn to use in hours not weeks

Setup Installed and Trained: Under $30,000.00

18x20x16 XYZ Measuring Range

Good Accuracy

Installation and training included

Operation Manual or Fully Automatic


Manual / Automatic CMM / Super easy to use

The Dual 3D gives the user the ultimate in ease of use while offering solutions to even the most demanding applications in both manual and automatic. 

​Made to provide Users with absolute ease of use, the TESA MICRO-HITE 3D fills up opportunely the free space between the common gauge and the sophisticated CMM. This measuring machine with remarkable capabilities is best used in industrial applications where dimensional conformity of workpieces either produced as single parts or in small to medium part series requires due approval.Featuring a modern, yet time-tested design, the machine is based on high quality raw materials and components, thus ensuring its long-term reliability.Being able to identify the shape of the part feature being measured, the intuitive TESA-REFLEX software is easily learn, taking a few hours only